Web Integration

Due to the nature of EFT donations, many organizations have a need to integrate an EFT authorization form into their website. By establishing an account with NAC, you will have the ability to work directly with our IT staff to create an online form to securely capture information from your donors to collect EFT donations. Below are a few simple questions to answer prior to beginning your online EFT donation form.

  • Do you plan to accept credit or debit cards?

  • Upon submit, will the donor information go directly to NAC or will it first be received within your organization?

  • Do you have specific campaigns or programs that a donor is able to select from (ie capital campaigns, food drives, ministry areas, etc.) that need to be tracked separately?

  • Do you plan to accept one-time (single) donations through your site or is the form only for donors who contribute on a recurring basis?

  • When would you like your EFT donations to be processed, the beginning, end or middle of the month?